Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Book Reviews

Here are my reviews of some of the more prominent tax lien investing print books that are on the market. These books can be found on my resource page at

Tax Lien$: The Complete Guide to Investing in Tax Liens in New Jersey
by Michael Pellegrino

5 stars - Must Have for Anyone Investing in NJ Tax Liens
This is a book that I refer to often for my tax lien investing in New Jersey. New Jersey has very complicated tax lien laws and has become a very competitive state to buy liens in. I recommend to anyone who wants to get involved in investing in New Jersey tax lien certificates that they read this book first. I found the chapters on foreclosure and what can go wrong very helpful.

Profit by Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens : Earn Safe, Secured, and Fixed Returns Every Time by Larry B. Loftis

4 stars - Great Resource
This book is a very good resource for tax lien investing and covers some states very well. Because state laws are so different and always changing, it's not feasible to write a book that has current information for every state. This book accurately describes tax lien and tax deed investing procedures for most states. I found this book to be the most complete book in print about tax liens that I have found and it even has some information on deeds. I strongly suggest this book to anyone who want to get involved in investing in tax lien certificates or tax deeds.

The 16% Solution: How To Get High Interest Rates by Joel S. Moskowitz

3 stars - Good for Basic Information
This is one of the books that I keep in my library, probably because when I bought it five years ago, it was the only book available about tax liens. Even though it's a newer addition then when it was first written, it's still dated and now there are other books available that are more complete. It's a good book for basic information about tax liens in the most popular tax lien states. Don't buy it if your interested in tax deeds, it has no information about tax deed states. Because state laws constantly change some of the information is no longer relevant.

Happy and Prosperous Investing,
Joanne Musa

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