Thursday, January 15, 2009

Real Estate Investing Training: My Quest for the Best Part 4

In the last 3 articles in this series I told you about my quest for real estate investing experts that give the best value for their courses, and I told you about two women that I choose to mentor me in real estate investing this year. I don’t want you to think that just because I choose two women in a field that is dominated by men, that there aren’t any men in this business that are excellent trainers as well. In this article and the next article in this series I want to tell you about the men in my life – my business life that is; My tax lien investing to be exact.

The business of tax lien investing is such a small niche in real estate investing that it is almost totally dominated by men. There is only one or two other women that I know of that I would consider to be “experts” in this field. And while one of them has written a couple of books on the subject, neither of them give any formal training in this area that I am aware of. My mentors in the field of tax lien investing have been men. And the web sites that I consider to be indispensable tools for investing in tax liens are also owned and operated by men.

In this article I’d like to tell you about three web sites that I believe are indispensable tools for investing in tax liens. The web site that I use the most for investing in New Jersey tax liens is LienSource is a registered servicemark of Savid Resource Corperation, a New Jersey Based company. Savid’s president, Steve Davis, has been a New Jersey certified tax collector for over 15 years. He has worked in 8 New Jersey municipalities through his career and is currently the tax collector for Bethlehem Township in Hunterdon County. LienSorce provides tax sale information and tax sale lists for New Jersey and Florida, Nassau County New York, and Washington DC.

To find out what tax sales are coming up all over the country, I use is owned and operated by John Lane. John’s company has over 35 years of experience in buying tax liens in different areas of the country. He is one of the few tax lien investing “gurus” that is an experienced and successful tax lien investor himself. You can get a free membership to his site at and find out what tax sales are coming up all over the country.

The third web site that I consider to be one of my indispensable resources for tax sale information, especially for investors in Arizona, is Arizona Tax Liens is owned and operated by Brendan Monahan. Brendan has been helping people invest in Arizona tax liens since 2001. His site provides education and Arizona tax sale information and tax sale lists. Brendan started providing tax sale lists for Arizona counties a few years ago when he found it difficult to get these lists for his own investing. Many Arizona require that you send a request by mail (with a check for the required fee) and wait for your check to clear before they will send you the tax sale list. This can take weeks. Arizona Tax Liens provides updated lists instantly online and in many cases for less than the county charges.

Stay tuned for Part 5 in this article series in which I’ll tell you about the two gentlemen that are my mentors in tax deed investing and investing in tax delinquent properties.

Real Estate Investing Training: My Quest for the Best Part 3

In the Part 2 of this series I introduced you to Wendy Patton, one of the 2 women real estate investing experts that I found to mentor me in my real estate investing this year. Now I want to introduce you to the second expert that I choose to work with this year, Heather Seitz.

Heather is a dynamic young lady who in a few short years became not only a very successful real estate investor, and trainer, but a very successful internet marketer as well. I love Heather’s style of teaching real estate investing. She’s honest and straight-forward and tells it like it is – she doesn’t candy coat the business of real estate investing. She teaches about real estate investing much the same way I teach about tax lien investing. Her trainings are top-notch and she gives a tremendous amount of value in her courses, which are very reasonably priced. That’s why I choose Heather to be one of my mentors in real estate investing in 2009.

I’m currently taking her “Back to Basics” 8-week webinar training course. I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to take her 8-week training that goes over all of the basics of investing in real estate and puts all of the pieces together. This training was just what I needed because I’ve purchased a few real estate investing courses over the last few years but still haven’t made money in real estate investing (except for tax liens). I was so impressed with the first lesson – and it fits right in with Wendy Patton’s program (see Part 2 of this series), that I can’t wait for the next lesson.

I also have Heather’s Probate Profit System – another great value for the money. Along with this course Heather gives all her form and contracts along with her step-by-step system for investing in probate properties, which is one of her favorite ways to find investment properties. This course includes CDs and transcripts from her live 2-day workshop, her contracts, and deal coaching with Heather or a member of her staff. All this for less than $500! I know that I’ve paid double that for similar courses.

I’m so excited about working with Heather this year that I’d like to share with you one of her special reports that you can get at no charge. Heather has a very informative special report on the lies that real estate gurus tell you and how to avoid getting ripped off. You can get her complimentary special report at

Now just because I choose 2 women investors to be my mentors this year in real estate investing, a field that is dominated by men, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any men in this business that are excellent trainers as well. Stay tuned for Part 4 of this article series in which I’ll tell you about the 3 web sites (created and run by men in this business) that are indispensable tools for tax lien investing. And in Part 5 of this series, I’ll tell you about the 2 men that I consider to be my mentors for tax deed investing and investing in tax delinquent properties.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Real Estate Investing Training: My Quest for the Best Part 2

In part one of this series I told you about my quest for the real estate experts with the best trainings at the most reasonable prices and I told you a little bit about the 2 women real estate investing experts that I have found. Now I bet that you want to know who they are. In this article I will introduce you to them and tell you how you can get more information about them.

First I want to introduce you to Wendy Patton. Wendy started her career as a real estate investor when she was 21. She went on to become one of the most successful real estate investors in Michigan, and to earn her real estate brokers license. She is also a licensed builder, and has her own real estate company, Majestic Realty LLC. She has experience in many different aspects of real estate investing including land development, commercial and residential real estate, foreclosures, and rehabbing, but her favorite way to buy and sell real estate is through lease options. In her seminars and home study courses Wendy teaches clients how to control real estate with little or no money down using lease option, lease purchase and subject to techniques. She is a featured trainer on

I have Wendy’s Wealth Building Arsenal which includes 4 of her home study courses: Working with Realtors, Getting the Deed, Buying on Lease Options, and Selling with Lease Options. It also includes 2 books - Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject to Deals and Remarkable Women, as well as 2 special reports, Investing in Lease Options with Your IRA and Tax Aspects of Lease Options. Unlike other training programs, this program has EVERYTHING you need to be successful at investing in real estate using Lease Options including contracts and forms that you can customize for your business. Wendy offers all this for $1998. I know that I have paid almost twice this much for similar courses that did not offer me the one thing that I got with Wendy’s course that I didn’t get with any other – an action plan that I could follow. You can find out more about Wendy’s program at

I just received all of the course materials a couple of weeks ago and I have finished Wendy’s book on Investing in Real Estate with Lease Options and Subject to Deals. The best part of her book is that it includes an action plan to help you get started. Wendy gives you a complete business plan to earn $120,000 in one year from real estate investing using the strategies in her book. She even tells you how to set up your office. Using her plan as a guide I was able to write my own business plan for the first quarter of 2009. If you can’t afford her entire program right now, but you’re interested in doing something with real estate investing this year, I recommend that you at least buy Wendy’s book. You can get Wendy’s book at at for only $14.93.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this article series where you’ll find out about the second expert that I’ll be working with in 2009.

Real Estate Investing Training: My Quest for the Best Part 1

This past year I have been on a quest to find the best real estate investing training at the lowest price available. I've been successful in tax lien investing, but now I want to use my profits from tax lien investing and put my money into real estate deals. Real estate investing is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I just found it easier to invest in tax liens.

I believe that 2009 is the opportune time, both to get involved with tax lien or tax deed investing, if you've been sitting on the fence and to purchase investment real estate. The problem that I have found in learning how to invest in real estate without getting burnt is that there are tons of programs out there. How do you know which one is right for you? And most of the trainings, boot camps, and home study courses cost an arm and a leg. Instead of putting $10,000 down on your first property, it's not uncommon to spend that on training - I know I did. And where did it get me? We'll it didn't make me a millionaire. It didn't even get me my first deal.

My husband and I got our first deal at an auction. And then we were shocked to find out that we needed to put 20% down in order to get the financing for this deal. We only had 30 days till closing and the contract was not contingent on getting the financing. Fortunately we had financing lined up and had just enough money to put down 20% instead of the 10% that we were expecting to need. Now we knew that if we were going to do any more real estate deals we would have to use other methods to find and buy properties: Methods that required little or no money down.

The good news is that now I have found a couple of real estate experts that I can honestly say offer an excellent value for the price of their training. I will be working with these 2 women this year to maximize my efforts in real estate investing. That’s right, these 2 experts that I have found are women, in a field that is dominated by men. And these 2 women are more successful at real estate investing than most of the men out there.

One of them has been in the business for over 20 years – since she was 21, she is an extremely successful real estate investor. She even became a real estate broker and runs 3 successful real estate offices. And she travels the country giving very successful real estate trainings and boot camps. The other expert started her real estate investing business less than 10 years ago, and she has built one of the most successful internet marketing businesses as well as several successful real estate training programs and a very successful real estate business.

Join me on my Tax Lien Lady Recommends blog at in 2009 as I review the coaching and training programs from these 2 incredible ladies and keep you updated on my progress. Stay tuned for the next article in this series to find out who these ladies are and how you can have access to them.