Monday, August 27, 2012

Invest in Tax Lien Certificates From Home!

One of the advanced techniques that I teach in my More Profit From Tax Liens course is how to buy tax liens without leaving home.
I know that there are some tax lien investing “experts” that claim the best way for you to get tax liens at the maximum interest rate, without bidding down the interest, is to buy the left-over or “over-the-counter” liens from the county. The problem with buying these left-over liens though is that there aren’t many good liens left after the tax sale. These gurus claim that bidding at tax sales is just so competitive that in order to get anything good you should buy direct from the county. My concern about that strategy is that if the bidding is really that  competitive (and it is – there are sometimes thousands of bids on one lien), then what makes you think that there is anything good left over?

The secret to getting good deals from these left-over tax liens is to get the list of county held liens as soon as it’s available and to put your bids in for these properties as soon as you can, before all the good properties are taken. With these lists, there is no bidding, it’s first come – first served, so it’s the early bird that gets the worm so to speak. The good news is that some of these sales are online and you can purchase these liens without having to leave home. Just don’t wait until a couple of weeks after the list is available to bid or you will find that all the good properties are gone already.

In my More Profit From Tax Liens course I also let you know about one state that doesn’t even really have live tax lien auctions at all. They do have tax sales, but their “tax sales” really just consist of the county publishing a list of properties  that investors can bid on. Bidding can be done by e-mail, in person, by mail or by fax, but there is a catch. The investor must make notification to the property owners, and provide proof of notification along with payment for the lien before being awarded the tax lien. Basically in this state the investor has to do the work that the tax collector does in most other states. And it’s first come, first serve, so that the investor that gets the paperwork and the money into the county treasurer’s office first gets the lien.

Curious to know more about what state this is and how you can profit from investing in tax liens there? You can get the More Profit From Tax Liens course and find out, or you can Join me Monday August 27th for an informative complimentary webinar with Rachel Seidensticker. Rachel will let us know all about how this system works and how you can make money investing in tax liens and in liens that are ready to foreclose in this state. You can register at

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